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Hat making

It has honestly never crossed my mind to make a hat before. Which is probably why I was thrilled after finishing one with my groupmates.

It was but a simple beret, but knowing the basics give you a head start on things right?

Looking at the videos that the workshoppers presented were also nice. I honestly saw hats as something I would just have to purchase, but being aware of DIY techniques and ideas are definitely plus points.

I think it’s very hard to wear hats around the Philippines though. It’s too hot and the hustle and bustle of the people in Manila can lead one’s hat into peril. I just realized that hats can be very fun and stylish though (specially if you know how to customize or make one yourself), I just hope I can have more opportunities to wear them. 

Jewelry Making

Jewelry making was one of the “free-est” i’ve ever felt with the workshops. It has a very huge scope, and although we were only limited to work on necklaces, I think the whole class got to use a wide range of techniques and make unique structures with their jewelry.

I had quite a few experiences with jewelry making already, but I loved the new idedas that the workshop facilitators presented, specially the ones where they used recycled materials.

I think one of the “easiest” or fastest, money-making rackets /could/ be jewelry making, so it is something I would like to explore. Although, I personally find it tiring to scavenge for material sources, I’m sure that if I find somewhere I can get goody goods from, I can make something out of it. :)


Morphological Analysis


Morphological Analysis


Morphological Analysis


Morphological Analysis


Morphological Analysis


Morphological Analysis


Morphological Analysis

Different Fabrics

Morphological Analysis