Because beneath all the spazzing and all the crazies for my boys, I still have much to me. This little closet is where I keep parts of me that may or may not be related to my fangirl life. Yes I live a double life. Haha~ Clothes, travel, little rainbows, sunshine and all those things that make me smile :)


Musings. Clothes. Korean Boys. The lovely lilmisskiddo who takes pretty shots of me. Ask.


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Morphological Analysis


Morphological Analysis

Plastic Inspirations

Morphological analysis

Socks Inspiration

Morphological Analysis


Morphological Analysis


Morphological Analysis


Morphological Analysis

Clay Molding

Morphological Analysis

Ribbon Inspiration

Morphological Analysis

Wire Workshop

It was so intense that I did not get a chance to take photos!

My fingers were hurting from the wires, and my brain was getting confused with so much twisting and coiling….BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. It was very rewarding to see the finished product. It was a 6 letter word with two hearts by the way, so it was tough.

<3 YunJae <3, it said.

I chose to do it because of the celebrity inspiration we had for the workshop.

I have seen the personalized wire names around but I never got a chance to get one for myself…good thing though, because now I don’t have to pay because I know how. ^^